Who are we?

My name is Dove (she/her pronouns). I am an ordained pagan priestess at an eclectic pagan church, and retired transgender rights activist. I am also an editor at Studio Prey Productions, a queer and otherkin operated publishing studio.

I am a practitioner of Hellenismos, and family tradition Hellenic witch. I've been practicing the craft since I was a child, and started along the Poison Path over a decade ago. I am first and foremost a servant of Hekate. I consider myself a necromancer, spirit worker, and kitchen witch.

I am otherkin, therian, and host of a multiple system. I'll discuss my kintypes below. Each one is an integral part of my identity and a powerful influence on my personality.


  • KakodaemonIn Greek, κακοδαίμων. The term literally translates as "evil spirit." I do not ascribe to the mortal concepts of good and evil, but I am a spirit created by Mother Nyx and originating from the Underworld. I serve Hekate as a psychopomp and gate guardian.
  • Dragon: The form I take as a kakodaemon is that of a dragon. I've also lived several lifetimes as a dragon in the physical plane. As a dragon, I generally take the form of a black dragon with iridescent scales
  • Fae: Rather than being created as one of the fae, I became one of them by joining one of the Unseelie courts (as a visitor from the Underworld) and living amongst them until I became like them. I still interact sometimes with members of my court, and conduct myself as one of them.
  • Crow: Like the fae, I became a crow therian by living as one. Likely many times. I quite enjoy that form.

I recall other past lives, but I do not consider them kintypes because their influence on me is much less intense.


I am the host of an endogenic multiple system. All of my headmates began as egregores originating from characters I created. They are all members of a fictional fae clan. Some of the members of the clan are constructs who don't seem to be fully self aware at present, though some of them are close.

Eilyra Ithilaime

Clan matriarch and jaggy mom. She is an unseelie faerie jaguar shapeshifter, and a druid. She's a devotee of Artemis and The Morrigan. Her greatest wish is to go join environmental protests and turn developers into wild animals... or at least sabotage construction equipment.

Attasa Ithilaime

Attasa is Eilyra's mate. He's an elf and a hunter, and a major reason I'm planning to take up archery again at some point soon.