The following is a glossary of terms used on this site or otherwise relating to the alterhuman, multiple, or pagan communities. I will attempt to update it as necessary. Feel free to contact me if anything is missing.

Alterhuman: A label which is meant to encompass all people whose identity is in some way non-human, as well as those whose expression or understanding of their humanity exists outside the bounds of normal expectations. Examples include otherkin, fictionkin, therians, and vampires.

Daemon: The word for "spirit" in Greek, and term for most lesser spirits and personifications in the Hellenic pantheon.

Endogenic: "Created from within." Used to describe multiple systems that were not created by external trauma. The opposite term is traumagenic.

Entheogen: From Greek "becoming divine within." Any substance which induces altered mental states which may be used in pursuit of spiritual experiences.

Fictionkin: People whose identity is drawn from a work of fiction. This identity may be human or otherwise. Fictionkin as a community are closely tied to otherkin.

Fictotype: The specific non-human identity of someone who identifies as fictionkin. See also kintype and theriotype.