My name is Kat, but I commonly go by Dove online, or DoveWithScales. I'm the host of our endogenic system. I'm a Hellenic pagan, family tradition witch, and formally ordained pagan priestess. I am experienced in pastoral counseling and crisis counseling, and I run the Winchester branch of Fire Dance Church of Wicca. I work as editor-in-chief for Studio Prey Productions, a trans and otherkin owned publishing studio. 

I'm a trans woman of color and former activist and organizer. I started my transition in 2010, and joined the otherkin community in 2005.

I am a kakodaimon, literally translated as 'evil spirit.' A psychopomp. The goddess Nyx is my mother, and I am a loyal servant of Hekate. I've always taken the form of a dragon spirit, but I choose to participate in the cycle of reincarnation, and have lived as a dragon several times, so my preferred self image became that of a black dragon. I also joined a court of Unseelie fae and became one of them, and finally my experiences as a crow were impactful enough for me to consider myself a crow therian.