Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Here you will find essays, resources, and other miscellanea that interest me. So watch this space for writings related to topics including but not limited to witchcraft, paganism, the alterhuman community, and philosophy. 

Please excuse my dust as I'm currently doing a complete redesign of this site.

Who Are We?

My name is Dove (she/her). I am an ordained pagan priestess at an eclectic pagan church, and retired transgender rights activist. I am also an editor at Studio Prey Productions, a queer and otherkin operated publishing studio.

I am a practitioner of Hellenismos, and family tradition Hellenic witch. I’ve been practicing the craft since I was a child, and started along the Poison Path over a decade ago. I am first and foremost a servant of Hekate. I consider myself a necromancer, spirit worker, and kitchen witch.

I am otherkin, therian, and host of a multiple system. I’ll discuss the other members of the system below.


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