The following is a glossary of terms used on this site or otherwise relating to the alterhuman, multiple, or pagan communities. I will attempt to update it as necessary. Feel free to contact me if anything is missing.

Alterhuman: A label which is meant to encompass all people whose identity is in some way non-human, as well as those whose expression or understanding of their humanity exists outside the bounds of normal expectations. Examples include otherkin, fictionkin, therians, and vampires.

Daemon: The word for "spirit" in Greek, and term for most lesser spirits and personifications in the Hellenic pantheon.

​Endogenic: "Created from within." Used to describe multiple systems that were not created by external trauma. The opposite term is traumagenic.

​Entheogen: From Greek "becoming divine within." Any substance which induces altered mental states which may be used in pursuit of spiritual experiences.

​Fictionkin: People whose identity is drawn from a work of fiction. This identity may be human or otherwise. Fictionkin as a community are closely tied to otherkin.

​Fictotype: The specific non-human identity of someone who identifies as fictionkin. See also kintype and theriotype.

​Folcintera:/foʊk.ən.tɛɹə/ Noun. 
Folk (People as carriers of culture; of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a land, their culture, tradition, or history) + inte (in, inside; based off of inter- between, amid, among, during, within, mutual, reciprocal) + tera (sign, marvel, wonder; divine sign, omen, portent; monster); literally meant to translate to "The folks' monster" or “The monster within folk(lore).
The unique experience of an individual who non-physically identifies as an animal from or deeply intertwined with mythos/folklore; a person who experiences a form of involuntary, intrinsic nonhumanity with aspects of both animality and sapience, and which originates from or is personally intrinsically tied to mythology, folklore, or other forms of cultural legend. This nonhumanity is not a separate entity from the individual, nor is it roleplay or another fictitious form of temporary self-identification; it is interwoven with their “self” and impacts  their everyday lived experiences.
Alt. Folkintera
Plural. Folcintera
See also:
Folcinteric Nonhumanity (Nonhumanity as originating from or primarily being folcintera).
Theriomythic (An individual who identifies non-physically as a type of categorically fantastical creature, but whose experiences within their identity are marked by a unique animality; An individual who identifies non-physically as a creature from mythology, folklore, or another form of legend).​

​Hellenismos: The ancient pagan religion of Greece, dedicated to the Theoi of Olympos.

​Kakodaimo​n: Literally translated as "evil spirit.​" This term refers to most spirits from the Underworld or related to aspects of reality which are negative or unpleasant from a human perspective. Such spirits are not necessarily malevolent.

​Kintype: The specific non-human identity of so​meone who identifies as otherkin. See also fictotype and theriotype

​Multiple System: A multiple system consists of several distinct individuals inhabiting a single body. Explanations for how this occurs vary, ranging from the idea of spirits permanently moving into a human body, to a psychological response to extreme trauma. Multiple systems may be traumagenic (created in response to trauma), or endogenic (created in the absence of trauma, from within). Some multiple systems explain their existence in other ways, or choose not to assign such labels at all. Multiplicity (or Plurality) is not be confused with Multiple Personality Disorder, which is no longer an accepted psychological term, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is the current accepted term according to the DSM-V. People suffering DID may be considered multiple systems, but not all multiples have DID. For further reading on this topic, I highly recommend the writings and resources of House of Chimeras and Page and the Sol System.

​Otherkin: ​People who identify either partially or wholly as non-human entities. This identity may be given any spiritual or psychological explanation, but is always involuntary. It is often said that if you ask ten people to define otherkin (or therian) you'll get twelve answers.

​Poison Path: This is a term for the practice of using psychoactive substances to induce altered mental states in pursuit of spiritual development.​

​Psychonaut: A term for a person who uses mind altering substances in pursuit of enlightenment and spiritual or psychological development.

​Psychopomp: Any entity which guides the souls of the dead to their intended destination. This time may describe any number of gods and spirits, and is sometimes also attributed to animals, including butterflies, moths, crows, and ravens.

​Sysmed: Short for "sysmedicalist." A bigot who insists that multiple systems do not exist until they have been formally diagnosed with DID and that healthy (non-DID) systems cannot exist. Derived from the term transmedicalist. See also Transmed.

​System: A term for a group of individuals occupying a single body. See also Multiple System. ​Therian: People who identify either partially or wholly as some form of animal. This identity may be given any spiritual or psychological explanation, but is always involuntary. It is often said that if you ask ten people to define therian (or otherkin) you'll get twelve answers. The line between otherkin and therian are somewhat subjective, and it's often incorrectly said that therians are "real" animals from this world. The prevaling notion is that therians are simply more animalistic, whereas otherkin may be non-human entities which think and act in a way more similar to humans, i.e. sapience. ​Theriotype: The specific non-human identity of someone who identifies as therian. See also fictotype and kintype. ​Transmed: Short for "transmedicalist." A bigot who insists that trans people do not exist until they have been formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and that trans people who do not have gender dysphoria cannot exist. Usually also bigoted toward non-binary trans people.​