The following is a list of links to alterhuman and pagan resources I consider useful and reliable.

​House of Chimeras: I am going to embarrass them by saying that I would argue House of Chimeras is collectively one of the foremost authorities on the subject of multiple systems.

Orion Scribner: Orion is the de facto historian of the otherkin community, as well as one of our most well known and well respected members.

OtherCon: OtherCon is an annual online otherkin convention, organized by Dinocanid. It's an excellent opportunity to meet members of the community, attend informative panels, watch movies, and find artists and creators.

Studio Prey: Studio Prey Productions is a small publishing studio for queer otherkin literature, owned by author Rebecca Mickley. I am an editor at the studio.

Theri There: The web comic created by Orion Scribner.

Who-Is-Page and the Sol System:​ Page is an otherkin academic holding a degree in religious studies, who uses their education to develop knowledge and understanding within the community.

The Bear Den: ​A general purpose community message board which is 100% privately owned and non-profit all the way down to the server it's hosted on. I am the moderator of the alterhuman section of the board.

Non-Human National Park: A safe and reliable alterhuman message board operated by Who-Is-Page.