Manifesto of A Queer Witch

Author Cassandra Snow in her book “Queering Your Craft” wrote a ‘queer witch manifesto’ and recommended that her readers take inspiration from it to make their own. The following is mine, inspired by her work.

There are infinite genders, sexualities, and identities. All deserve space to exist, and our respect. Each one brings their own unique perspective and experiences to our community and our circle.

White supremacy upholds ideals and expectations which are harmful to all people. This ideology must fall, and must be cut out wherever it begins to take root.

It is the responsibility of all of us to oppose oppressive ideologies, especially within our own communities.

Though white supremacy harms all people, and it is the responsibility of white people to oppose it, it is also the responsibility of white people to listen to and uplift people of color, and empower them to direct how these ideologies should be fought.

Because we are in opposition to white supremacy and oppressive ideologies, queer witches and pagans must take great care to avoid appropriating practices, tools, deities, and anything else that does not belong to us and has not been offered to us.

In matters of appropriation, it is important that we listen to and uplift the voices of members of closed practices and cultures, allowing them to decide what is and is not appropriation. We must welcome aspects of other cultures which are freely shared with us, and make space for those cultures in our communities.

Sex magic is beautiful and powerful. We must work to tear down taboos surrounding sexuality. We must support the sexual practices of others, as well as protecting and uplifting those who walk the path of sex work.

Consent is sacred, and all things which are consensual are permitted. Consent requires understanding, maturity, and clear communication.

We must oppose rape culture, patriarchy, toxic masculinity, heteronormativity, and cisnormativity.

We must recognize the current systems of capitalistic greed and class inequality as deeply toxic and harmful. However, our opposition to these systems must allow space for the fact that we all must live in this society where corporate capitalism infests every aspect of life, and money is necessary for survival. We all must do what we can to minimize our own negative impact on the world, but recognize that each of us has different needs and abilities. Participation in the existing system is often necessary, and the use of our Craft to meet our material needs, whether through money spells or through selling our skills and creations, is perfectly acceptable.

We are not constrained by the expectation to “do no harm.” Instead, we are obligated to support, heal, and protect the members of our community, including ourselves. Sometimes protecting the vulnerable requires inflicting harm on their oppressors. Sometimes supporting the traumatized means helping them regain a sense of power and agency to protect themselves.

We recognize that ‘Goddess’ does not equal womb worship, and anyone regardless of gender, sexuality, or anatomy may invoke the divine feminine, masculine, and everything in-between.

We recognize that there are some witches and pagans who have physical, emotional, or mental limitations which cannot be overcome through spirituality or witchcraft. We welcome these individuals to bring their whole, real selves into our spaces and our circles, and practice their Craft in whatever way works for them. We are responsible for trying to find ways to accommodate the needs of others in our communities to keep our spaces accessible, and for asking what those needs are without making assumptions.

We must never lead anyone to believe that spirituality or Craft can replace medical intervention, and must challenge anyone who says they can. We must respect the needs of others and of ourselves for accessibility aids, medications, and medical treatment. We should encourage all people to use their Craft and their spirituality in support of medical treatment, rather than in place of.

We recognize that the healing of individual traumas must be prioritized, both before and after beginning to participate in group work. We must give others the space, patience, compassion, and support that they need in order to heal. We must also take whatever time and space is necessary to heal ourselves, so that we may be ready to help others do the same.

Queer witchcraft can and should include working to manifest personal desires, as long as they don’t impede anyone else’s autonomy and consent. People who have suffered and been marginalized deserve pleasure and a sense of stability and safety. Witchcraft is a tool to achieve these things. Manifesting personal desires is often a part of the journey of healing.

Magic is a tool for personal healing and empowerment, which leads to being able to empower others and fight for social progress and collective liberation.

Global climate change is going to kill us all. No one is immune or exempt. We must all work to protect and heal the Earth in any way we can. This should be a focus of our Craft.

Strict hierarchies do not work in a queer context. We are all equals, we simply each have our own roles and responsibilities as part of our community.

All souls are capable of and deserving of magic and access to witchcraft. We should make space for all backgrounds, identities, and all philosophies which do not threaten the autonomy, safety, and consent of others. Our Craft is for everyone, and all are welcomed.






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